McQueen Coffee Order Form

Lancer Blend coffee sales are back!  This is a delicious way to make money for our student’s band account.  The coffee is available in one-pound bags in both ground and whole-bean varieties.  It makes a great gift too!

Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Company LLC has been roasting specialty, 100% Arabica coffees from around the world since 2001, right here in Reno, NV. No flavored coffees are created so all coffees are gluten-free, nut free and dairy free. All of our coffees are roasted to order in small batches to ensure optimum quality, freshness and flavor. Each batch is individually roasted, cooled and packed within 24 hours of ordering to ensure the freshest coffee experience possible. Lancer Blend: This Latin American Blend is roasted to a medium level and is full-bodied.

For each $15.00 1-lb bag sold, the student is credited $3.50 to their band account and $2.00 goes to the BPA.

Here’s how the fundraiser works:

1.   Each month, collect orders from family and friends and complete the attached order forms – one for your use and one to turn in.  Collect cash or checks (made payable to Debbie Havey) only.  The coffee is $15.00 per bag.

2.   Give money and the order form to Debbie Havey, Carolyn Mitchell (in the band room) or Diane Wood (in the office) before the 20th of each month.  If you miss the deadline for that month, there will be another order the following month.

3.   Coffee will be available to pick up at the next BPA meeting.

Questions or concerns can be emailed to or texted to 775-232-4973.

Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee Order Form