Del Oro 2019 Schedule



Rehearsal on the practice lot: 8:30AM- 11:00AM
Equipment Crew (pit, battery drum majors, horn sergeant) begin loading semi 11:00AM
Food and Uniform trucks may load early and leave earlier to competition site to go get set up.
Lunch 11:00AM – 11:30AM 
Section Leaders load buses: 11:30AM
– Load instruments/water jugs/tables onto buses.
– Please come dressed in show ‘undergarments’, with a backpack packed with what you need for the day!
– When you arrive, check that your uniform is on the proper rack (in its garment bag & shako box.
-Pit/drums/guard/equipment crew will load the semi, and brass will polish horns
Section leaders take attendance and all Students Load Buses: 11:30AM
Attendance & Announcements 11:55AM
Depart McQueen HS: 12:00PM
Arrive & Unload Semi/Buses: 2:00PM
– Upon arrival, percussion will unload the semi and we will set up “camp”. Winds will stack horns according to section in designated area, and parents will begin setting up tables. Transfer personal belongings to appropriate changing buses (Bus 1 Girls, Bus 2 Boys, Bus 3 Color Guard).
– Until you are to report for changing/warm up you must either be at camp or in the stands watching bands. 
Keep an eye on the time and know where you need to be and when!
-Color Guard, please plan ahead of time where/when you will do hair and makeup to be ready by warm up time.
– Snacks will be available at camp if you are hungry at any point during this time!
Percussion change into uniform after unloading: 2:45PM
Guard/Percussion warm up begins: 4:00pm
Winds report to change into full uniform: 3:45pm
Winds warm up begins: 4:55pm
Travel to performance site: 5:45pm
Pit and parents arrive at Gate: 5:50pm
Full Band & Guard at Gate: 5:55pm
Performance! 6:00pm
– At the conclusion of our performance, we’ll head back to camp. Pit/Drums load, winds put away horns/or line up horns for sake of time and put shakos away.
Head back to camp to load instruments into cases and percussion/props into trucks 6:15-7:15pm
            -Parent equipment crew will need to help line up equipment so that it is ready to load after awards.
Dinner at Camp: 7:15-8:15pm
Head to the stadium to watch the last couple of bands and Award Ceremony: 8:30-10:30pm
  • Drum Majors, Captains stay in uniform
Head back to load buses: 10:30pm
            -Snack will be provided AFTER awards
Estimated time we Depart for McQueen: 11:00pm
ETA McQueen Band Room: 1:00am
– Upon arrival ALL STUDENTS WILL HELP UNLOAD AND UNPACK. Winds will unload buses and help with uniform truck. Prop Crew unloads and reloads the blue container. Percussion, tubas, guard and equipment crew will unload semi. Students are NOT dismissed until their unloading obligations are complete. Any students leaving early from unloading will lose participation points for the day.
Other Important Information
Please read thoroughly!
What to have with you! Please use the information below as a packing checklist, and double check that you have everything before you leave the house!
Drumline Students:
Long black uniform socks
Appropriate undergarments for uniform bibs
Show Shirt
Under Armor Wristbands
Uniform, shoes and Shako Box!!! Nicely hung in garment bag
Hair Ties/Bobby pins/Hair Gel/Comb (girls’ hair must be in high ponytail/bun, and boys hair must be combed and presentable.
Jeans/Shoes/Show shirt/Jacket
Front Ensemble Students:
Long black uniform socks
Appropriate undergarments for uniform bibs
Under Armor shirt
Under Armor Wristbands
Hair Ties/Bobby pins/Hair Gel/Comb (girls’ hair must be in either high ponytail/bun or braid (no hair down or in face) and boys hair must be combed and presentable. Girl’s hair should be uniform.
Jeans/Shoes/Show shirt/Jacket
Wind Students/Drum Majors:
Long black uniform socks
Appropriate undergarments for uniform bibs
Show shirt and compression shorts
Performance Gloves
Hair Ties/Bobby pins/Hair Gel/Comb (girls’ hair must be in high ponytail/bun, and boys hair must be combed and presentable.
Wristbands (Drum Majors)
                          Brass Players: Valve Oil, Polishing Rag
             Woodwinds: AT LEAST three reeds
Jeans/Shoes/Show shirt/Jacket
Color Guard Students:
Dance Shoes
Body Tights
Uniform (either blacks, or show uniform if it ships in time)
Hair accessories (hair spray, bobby pins, combs etc.)
Show Makeup needs
Double check all equipment is packed correctly.
Jeans/Shoes/Show shirt/Jacket
Items ALL students should bring/consider bringing:
Cell Phone
Souvenir/Extra snack money (for concessions/booths)
Deodorant/Personal wipes for after rehearsal and after performance
Show Site Information
Address of Competition: 3301 Taylor Rd. Loomis, Ca 95650
Ticket Prices: Admission TBA
Spectator Parking: TBA
General Info
-If you wish to take your student with you after the performance, they MUST be signed out with Miss T with an official “Activity Transportation Release Form’ signed by the parents and Principal BEFORE the event. Students may NOT leave with their parents until their performance/pack up obligations have been fulfilled. 
-Remember that students and parents are representing McQueen High School and Washoe County Unified School District at all times. Please refer to the handbook, and the code of ethics, for expectations and policies for competition etiquette.
To receive messages via text, text @mcqba to 81010.
If you have any questions about this competition day, please let me know!