College Bound Seniors Band Scholarship!

College Bound Seniors
Band Scholarship for $500
The Band Parent Association Scholarship is designed to provide funds for school tuition to a selected applicant. Each year one Senior applicant will receive a $500.00 scholarship from the Band Parent Association for use toward a post high school education.
Eligibility requirements- 
1. An active member of McQueen Lancer Band
2. High school graduate seeking a post high school education
3. Completed Application
4. Essay (500 word maximum): How has the McQueen Band impacted your life, and how have you impacted the McQueen Band (In other words, what has the band done for you, and what have you done for the band)
5. All Band Fees must be paid in Full
Selection Process- 
The Scholarship Committee will consider these criteria in making their selection:
1. Academic achievement and grade point average
2. High School Attendance
3. Review of Application & Essay
Deadline to Apply- 
Applications must be received by email at or dropped in Mr. Moffit’s box no later than *MARCH 23, 2018Any Applications received after the 23rd will not be considered.