Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble

Nathan Williams, Band Director

Pre-requisite: By audition only.

This course provides advanced instruction, theory, and practice in wind and percussion instruments. Instruction and performance during the first 9 to 10 weeks of the school year focuses on Marching Band; during the rest of the year the focus will be on concert literature. Students enrolled in this course will be performing a variety of concerts and school programs including our annual Christmas Concert, Zone Concerts, Music Meals and More, and Concert Band Festival.

The Wind Ensemble is the elite performance group of the McQueen Concert Band Program. Members of the Wind Ensemble are multitalented musicians who are challenged to create music at the highest of artistic levels. Devoted to the preparation and performance of the finest wind repertoire, the Wind Ensemble explores the variety and richness of traditional and contemporary music for the wind band.

Each student will further develop and enrich their knowledge and level of performance on his/her individual instrument. These students are taught the principles of individual and group achievement through practice and performance with their instrument. Group unity and performance are the primary goals of this course.

Instruction is given through rehearsal labs, group and small group instruction on technique and style, playing test, and performance. Student evaluations are based upon individual student progress, amount of practice, degree and amount of student participation at rehearsals and performance, and playing tests.