Marching Band

Rick Moffit, Band Director

This course will provide fundamental instruction, theory, and practice in wind and percussion instruments. Students will be taught the principles of individual and group achievement through practice and performance with their instruments. Group unity and performance are the primary goals of this course. Instruction and performance during the first nine to ten weeks of the school year will focus on Marching Band; during the rest of the year, the focus will be on concert literature.

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 2014 Marching Band Show

“Space—Where No Band Has Gone Before”

 Band Director: Rick Moffit 

Horns – John Meehan
Percussion – Sam Santisteven & Kate Tice
Drill Designer: Al Temby

Interstellar Suite
Independence Day



bnr marching



bestof2000 bestof2001 Show History:

2013 – All Hallows’ Eve
Toccata Danse
Corps Bride

2012 – Scheherazade
The Sea and Sinbad’s Hip/Kalendar Prince
The Young Prince and Princess
Festival at Baghdad

2011 – The Firebird
Introduction & Infernal Dance
Round of the Princess

2010 – The Curse
The Mummy Returns
The Sand Volcano
The First Bus Ride

2009 – The Wind and the Lion
The Wind and the Lion
I Remember
Rasuli Attacks

2008 – Colours
Blue Saphire
Dark Green

2007 – American Faces
American Faces
Promise of Living
Chorale and Shaker Dance

2006 – Call of the Mountain
River of Tears
Call of the Mountain

2005 -Timeline
Battle of La Roque
Eternal / Drum Break
In The Spring

2004 – Star of Dreams
Star of Dreams

2003 – Jazz in the Wind
Ya Gotta Try
One More Time, Chuck Corea

2002 – Riverdance
Riverdance Opener
Riverdance Production Part One
Riverdance Production Part Two
Riverdance Finale

2001 – Prisms of Fire
Russian Christmas Music
Ritual Fire Dance