Jazz Band

Jazz Band

Nathan Williams, Band Director

Pre-requisite: By audition only.

This music course is designed for group instruction of advanced band students who have previously been enrolled in an instrumental jazz music program. This course provides advanced instruction, theory, and practice in the various jazz genres. The students who are enrolled in this course will be performing in a variety of concerts and school programs including our annual Christmas Concert, Zone Concert, Music Meals and More, and jazz festivals.

These students will further develop and enrich their knowledge and level of performance in his/her individual instrument. They are taught the principles of individual and group achievement through practice and performance with their instrument. Group unity and performance through the various jazz idioms is the primary goal of this course.

Instruction is through rehearsal labs, group and small group instruction on jazz technique and style, playing tests, and performance. Student evaluations are based upon individual student progress, amount of practice, degree and amount of student participation at rehearsals and performances, and playing tests.